Frequently Asked Questions

 Q:  The last time we came to Wine Country the company provided a Towncar and a driver.  Why do we need to supply our vehicle?

A:  Cost.  It can be 35% less than what those large companies charge.

Q:  What about insurance?  Is your driver insured?

A:  Yes, our insurance covers our drivers on any car they drive. Copies of the policy can be provided upon request.

Q:  It’s our first time to Wine Country, the number of wineries and places to eat is overwhelming.  Do you help us plan a tour?

A:  Yes.  We offer full concierge service with a paid tour.  We just need to know your varietal preferences and comfortable price points.

Q:  Our friend’s came to Napa last year.  They went to Oakville Grocery for lunch.  They said it was great but they waited an hour to get their sandwiches.  The day is short, any way around that?

A:  Our drivers carry menus for all the popular lunch spots.  They will take your order and go pick up lunch while you are tasting wine.

Q:  We’ve been to Wine Country twice and stopped at all the well known places.  We want to step up to more unique, memorable experiences.  Do you offer that?

A:  Our specialty.  Lot’s of people don’t venture off the valley floor.  We love the intimate wineries in the hills with great views and small groups of people.  We can get you there.

Q:  We don’t know anything about wine or wine tasting.  We don’t want to act like newbies.  Can you help us with that?

A:  Wine Country loves newcomers!  Our drivers are a wealth of information.  On the way to your first stop he/she will give you a crash course in tasting room etiquette, explain how to possibly get your tasting free, and how to get more than just the minimum pour.  The entire day can be an exercise in Wine Country history if you want it to be.

Q:  Why is your service better than using Uber or Lyft?

A:  The average wait time for a car in Napa Valley is 10 to 20 minutes.  Our driver is waiting in the parking lot for you.  Uber and Lyft drivers are not licensed Wine Tour drivers and may not live or even know their way around wine country, relying on GPS.  Our drivers are available for other services to you:  Your own personal photographer, go pick up lunch, go fill the gas tank, etc., all while you are drinking wine.  Our drivers are more concerned with your safety, not trying to rush to drop you off so they can pick up another rider.

Q:  But riding in a limo would be cool, right?

A:  It’s pretentious, the drivers look silly and it’s $100 per hour!

Q:  You’re service sounds amazing, why haven’t I called you before?

A:  Good question.