Ehlers Estate – St. Helena, California

Ehlers Estate  – St. Helena, California

Ehlers Estate produces Bordeaux varietal wines from their 100% certified organic and biodynamic estate vineyard located on loamy bench soils just north of the town of St. H elena. To see a review and more pictures, check the following link:

We go to Ehlers Estate all the time. Great wine and facility. Did I mention great service!!!

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Robert Mondavi Wines

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Robert Mondavi Wines

The year 2016 rings in a very special new year as it’s the 50th anniversary of the Robert Mondavi Winery. We celebrate the man whose passion and determination brought California wine to the world, and whose ambition continues to inspire us today. Look back at the rich history of our founder, Robert Mondavi and his contributions to Napa Valley.

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Robert Mondavi Winery, a shining symbol of California’s Napa Valley. Please enjoy responsibly. Copyright © 2017 Robert Mondavi Wines, Oakville CA.

Robert Mondavi Signature Tour and Tasting, Oakville, Napa Valley, California, USA

Robert Mondavi Signature Tour and Tasting, Oakville, Napa Valley, California, USA

The Robert Mondavi Winery was one of the first in the Napa Valley to welcome visitors for tours, events, concerts and tastings.

The tour costs $25 per person and lasts approximately 75 minutes. It provides an in-depth winery tour, which follows the path of the grape from the vineyard to the cellar to the finished wine.

Guests walk into the To Kalon Vineyard, visit the winemaking cellars (including fermentation and barrel aging) and receive a seated educational tasting of three wines with one of the wine education specialists.

On this tour, Doug Frost – who is Master Sommelier and Master of Wine at the winery – took the tour and his enthusiasm for wine shows throughout the tour!

0:04 – Inside the grounds of the winery.
0:50 – The shop.
1:13 – Entrance of the vineyard.
1:49 – Inside the vineyard.
5:34 – Outside the factory .
6:32 – Panorama of the vineyard.
6:59 – The fermentation room.
7:59 – Wine production video.
12:38 – Video on the making of the Robert Mondavi fermentation tanks.
13:59 – Walking down to the next room, past the fermentation tanks.

Filmed using the Sony HDR-HC9 HDV1080i High Definition Handycam.



Travel back in time through the history of winemaking and you’ll surely see Robert Mondavi littered throughout, starting in the first chapter. Napa Valley owes, in large part, most of its success to Mondavi when in 1966 he set up shop in Oakville and opened his own winery. Determined to bring the valley to forefront of winemaking and hellbent on establishing it as a major contender in the marketplace, Mondavi set out to make quality wines and championed those around him to do the same. Time and time again we hear the same stories now of blind tastings with fellow colleagues, utilizing each other’s efforts and the iterative process to reach the highest standards in winemaking.
Tucked into the historic To Kalon Vineyard in Oakville, the winery is open to the public for daily tours and tastings. It’s a classic for tourists and one not be missed should you find yourself thirsty for knowledge. Their well trained staff is filled with a wealth of information that would impress even the most scholarly wine enthusiast.
This particular tour/tasting was conducted by Senior Wine Educator Dana Douglas Andrus for myself and fellow PRESS sommelier Gillian Dougherty. We traveled through the vineyards and then into the winemaking facilities where we concluded with a very special 1979 Robert Mondavi Cabernet. The folks at Mondavi are top notch and though our experience was a bit more elevated and comprehensive than most, I still can’t recommend visiting there enough.